August 22, 2012

Fighting Fear

As I looked at my schedule for this upcoming week on Sunday night, it didn't look so bad. I have Fridays off and don't have a million classes. But, after these last two days, I'm in for a whole lot of work. Let me just tell you... I have Microbiology plus a lab, Religion and the African Diaspora, Elementary Statistics, Oral Communication in Spanish, and Teaching Strategies for Professional Nursing. Doesn't sound too horrible, right? Well, each one involves lots of work. But you know the funny thing about it all? I can't wait. I'm super excited to just dive right into my sophomore year, even with all the presentations and work. I've felt quite optimistic these last two days for this semester. Each one is interesting, maybe except elementary stats, but I realized that I really do love learning. I love school, I like taking relevant classes, and I like knowing what I need to know for my profession and my minor (spanish). It's exactly what I'm here for and what I've been looking for. I just feel like it's gradually all coming together. And once I start my clinicals next semester, I'll really start believing I'm well on my way to becoming a nurse.

Something struck me today in my oral communication in spanish class today. My professor said, "Your biggest obstacle in fluency is worrying about your mistakes", or something to that effect. It made me stop and just think for a minute. Obviously, he was talking about speaking Spanish, but can't that apply to something bigger? If you replace 'fluency' with 'fluidity', it very well could be. Fluency might even still work. People want their lives to run smoothly, right? They don't want to have to deal with hard situations. I hear ya, I've been there! We all make mistakes in life. It's inevitable. If you haven't made multiple errors in your life, big or small, then you aren't human (and I'd like to know where you come from). I make mistakes with the things I say sometimes, the things I think, the things I do, and the things I intend to do. So, basically, everything at one time or another. That said, what hinders us from moving forward? Usually fear. Fear of what? Fear of failure, of unwanted power, of leadership, of letting people down, of making a mistake. So, we don't do it. That prevents us from moving forward. So, I'd just like to reinterate:

Your biggest obstacle in progressing with anything is worrying about your mistakes.

This can apply to almost anything. The message I heard on Sunday at church was based on living out our faith, not just believing it. Telling someone about Christ - how scary is that?! It can be, unless you've done it before - it gets less intimidating. We are afraid of saying something wrong, of giving the wrong impression, about not being knowledgable enough...we are afraid of mistakes. Through actions, instead of letting someone else take the leadership role, why don't we? We are afraid of being an incompetent leader, of making a mistake. We tiptoe around these opportunities and justify doing so by saying we aren't made to do it. Why not? Why don't you take the risk and stop worrying about the mistakes you're going to make? It's inevitable, right? Take it as a learning experience, take it as a growing experience. And laugh at those silly mistakes that we all make. It prompts an aura of relaxation and capability; only then can we move forward and gain the fluency/fluidity/experience we desire.

And all this from one little sentence in my spanish class. I need to work on easing my worries, Lord knows I worry an excessive amount. It's good if it creates caution, because we do need discernment in this world, but too much worry can be detrimental to life. So relax, take a breather, and try something new with an open mind. Who knows what you may learn about yourself.

"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."
-2 Timothy 3:16-17


  1. Morgan, this post is fabulous. May I pin it to pinterest? Such a knowledgeable girl you are. Your mom must be so proud of you! Love, Nicki Shier

  2. Nicki, absolutely! :) I would be completely honored! And thank you so much! :) I hope all is well!


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