September 14, 2012

Identity in Christ

Hello All,

Well, I just wanted to give you guys a fair warning about the next three weeks. I am going to be swamped. I will have very little time for blogging as I have some very important things coming up. Can I just lay it out for you? Okay, I will, thanks for wanting to hear about it! Next week I have a microbiology test and an elementary statistics test. The week after I have a 10 minute spanish presentation over Venezuela and a research outline due that I have to do research for. That Saturday, I have my A2 exam - which is a four hour test that I take so I can qualify for clinicals [AH!]. The week after that, I have my microbiology lab exam and my African Diaspora midterm [ON THE SAME DAY]. That is not to mention all my other little homework things to do in between such as reading. My social calendar is also packed. So, to say the least, I'm going to be swamped. You may say, poor me, I have a social calendar, but some things are happening that I wasn't anticipating which is why it's also stressing me out. Goodbye sleep! However, I do have some things I'm very much looking forward to. I have two dances coming up - one is mine and the other is Phil's - which should be a blast. Also, Phil is absolutely wonderful, the best boyfriend ever really, and got two tickets for us to go see Les Miserables!! If you don't know, it's my favorite musical. :) That will be that night after my A2 exam.

I am very blessed, I suppose, to have this much going on. I wanted to be a nurse, right? I should be expecting these sorts of weeks. It's still just stressful, and I would appreciate some prayers! There are some very important tests and things mixed up in there. Thank you guys so much! :)

I just wanted to talk to you guys about something that has been on my heart lately. I was thinking, what would our lives look like if Christ was our everything? We say that, sure enough, but do we really live it? We were having a discussion about identity formation and religion in my African Diaspora class. My professor asked us to answer the question: What part has religion played in your life in forming your identity? Of course, I automatically wanted to say 100%. And, that is not far from the truth. Most of the decisions in my life come from the root of religion for me. And, my relationship with Christ is not religion, but something that is a part of me. So, it definitely forms my identity. It has a huge impact. I was surprised to find out, though, that some people in my class felt that religion played absolutely no part in their lives. Either they didn't believe in it, or they felt like it was a good source of comfort for most people. True, it is a source of comfort for us. But, for me, it's more than comfort. It's praise for the good days and the miracles I encounter, it's the blessings I find myself taking for granted sometimes, and it's certainly for those hard times when we need guidance most of all. I had a friend tell me once, that God is great and everything, and He will always be there when we need Him, but we create our own future in the here and now. Basically he said God was a fall guy for when we needed Him. I don't agree one bit. What would it look like if Christ was our everything? What if He was in everything we did, in every decision we made? Would your life look different? What has God been teaching you lately? I know He has been teaching me to incorporate Him into my daily life, making Him my everything. He should be a gigantic part of your life. He should be shaping every decision we make. He should be the center of our identity. Food for thought. Thanks for reading. :) I love you guys!

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know!

"Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast."
-Psalm 139:7-10


  1. So true.....he needs to be the epecenter of everything in our lives. I love this post. It is a timely post.
    I hope that you still have a great time even though things are busy ;)
    And that's great you have an awesome boyfriend! Any guy who dates you has got to be awesome!

  2. Thank you so much, Morgan! :)
    Haha and you're so sweet!

  3. interesting thought! Everything changes once we view God in this way, we are all just so inconsistent at times. I miss you, it sounds like you have got quite the schedule there, hope that you won't be too stressed out and hang in there. Calll me sometime please! :) (well, once you have the time :P)

  4. That's so true, Jackie! We can't all be perfect, but the least we can do is make Him the center of our lives...I miss you too! And thanks :) I'll hopefully have tiime to call sometime this week! Maybe... :P but I love you!


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