July 19, 2012

Writing My Heart Away

I've always loved writing. Ever since I was little. I used to write short stories and wanted to write a novel when I grew up. I've thought about this. Notice how when you are little, all your dreams come into play and you feel like you can do absolutely anything?! Then, life gets to you and you become realistic. Dreams are there, but they are outlandish no more. You get realistic about what you could do.

Writing isn't like that. You can go anwhere when you write. You can write the tablet of your heart. That's one reason why I've started this blog. I don't completely open up to people unless I know you well. I just don't, I'm an introvert, I'm wired that way. Those of you who know me, who know my life (and I mean mostly everything), you should know that I have obviously wanted you to be a part of my life. :) But, I've been thinking about writing. I was writing a letter today and I realized, by the time I was done writing, I had written a ton! I just kept going. I love old fashioned letter writing. It's the most personal form of communication besides seeing people face to face. Reading the letter, and looking at the person's handwriting makes it personal. You know they sat down at their desk and took the time to write out every single word to you. They thought about it. They didn't absently send you a text. You know that what they wrote was from the heart. I love old fashioned letter writing. It's the best thing when I get a letter from a friend. If you ever send me one, you can be sure, I will personally write you back. :)

That's what I do everytime I write. Whether it's here on this blog, or whether I write a letter...I write from the heart. It's the best way to get my thoughts down. I don't make excuses, I just write. I write what's been on my heart. I guess what this blog post is, is saying I mean what I write. It's a tool to help people get to know me better. I'm not good with strangers, I'm shy, but with writing, I don't have to be. People get to know the real me. My thoughts, my worries, and even my train of thought comes out in writing. Especially with handwriting letters. Also, I don't know how many people read my blog whenever I have a new post, but I'd like to think that it's more of a personal endeavor. You know, getting to know me through my thoughts. You can get to know me on the outside and know me quite well, but my writing seems to tell more at times...and that, my friends, is all heart.

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