August 13, 2012


Well, since this is the night right before I head off to TCU to start another year there, I thought I'd talk about something that is important to hear once in awhile...
In honor of last year when I was taking a tour of TCU!
Now look where I am...on my second year!

Most of us are starting another year of college. It's only August, but it feels like the beginning of a whole new chapter. Whenever a change happens in my life, I always try to assess where I stand with things in my life. But, I think the most important thing here is to ask myself, where do I stand with God? A new school year means a new opportunity to reach out to people, to make a difference, to follow in the footsteps meant for me. Of course, that is harder than it sounds. But, you know, it's a time for renewal.

Every once in awhile, we need to assess where we are in our relationship with God. Truly where we are. A point was made in church yesterday: we walk around trying to cure the symptoms of our sin whereas we need to be walking around changing the source of our sin...our hearts. In a blog post way back, I was talking about a relationship with God being about a change of heart, not a change of religion. It is a relationship, not a rule book. We have to continually renew our faith to remind us what faith feels like. Renew what is at the heart of it all. God is at the heart of everything. It's easy to fall into a pattern of rules and routines, but unlike ours, God's promises are new every morning [Lamentations 3:23]. He took every single one of our inequities and forgave us for it. The longer we are on this earth, the more God shapes us to be more like Him. One issue at a time. Renewing a relationship with God is the best thing. Getting back down to the heart of it all comes down to the nitty gritty. God wants a relationship with you, you and I who are not fit for anything but death. He forgave us, He cleansed us, He wants what is best for us. Rejuvenate the purpose in your life. Renewing life, renewing a relationship, renewing our thirst for Him is what helps keep this relationship steadfast.

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  1. that's so true. because if you're not in right standing with God, nothing else will come together.
    I love this Morgan.
    and I love your heart for God.
    have a great day!


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