November 25, 2012

Insulin Is Not A Cure - The Pills That Don't Exist

When I was little, and I thought about a cure for Type 1, I imagined just having a prescription that would take care of everything for me. I thought, oh, well when they develop that pill, I'll just be on that the rest of my life and I won't have to worry about a thing! Oh, how incredibly wrong I was.You can imagine my surprise when I learned, in seventh grade, actually, that the possible cures included a pancreas transplant, islet cell replacement through stem cells, or islet cell transplant. I felt fear, despair, and........fear. Those weren't exactly the kind of cures I was hoping for and were much more serious than I had ever imagined. Now that I've grown up a little and been through a couple of nursing classes, I realize how naiive I was for believing a pill could fix everything about type 1 diabetes.

One thing I know, though, is that whenever a positive cure comes for my disease, I will do whatever it takes to get it. If I have to go through surgery, if I have to take out a loan, if I have to endure a long and trying recovery, I will go through with it. It would be awesome to be a survivor. How cool would that be if I lived to see the day that Type 1 diabetes could be effectively cured? What if God allowed that to happen during my lifetime? He has a purpose for giving me this, and I intend to use it however He calls me to, but to have lived with this disease for so many years and then experience life without it? That would be something else - an incredible blessing. Does surgery frighten me? Yes. Do I have a low pain tolerance? Yes. Would I take the chance of not recovering and still having Diabetes? Yes. Would I have the support I needed? Absolutely yes. I can't imagine there being a cure in my lifetime, of there being an easy way to cure Type 1 Diabetes, but I will never lose hope. So many doctors and researchers out there want a cure for Type 1. So many dedicate their career to that. Who knows, when I get out of nursing school, I may specialize in Diabetes, making kids' lives better. It was effective for me. In my life, hope has disappeared time and time again, but I've always managed to push back and find it once more. I'm thankful for those pills that never existed. I'm grateful they don't exist. Having Diabetes has made me a much stronger person. Most of all, I think it has let me see I can't do this on my own. God knows what He did. Heck, maybe I wouldn't have thought about nursing had I not been diagnosed. Who knows. Everything features into a plan, maybe that cure will be part of God's plan for me.

"But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations."
-Psalm 33:11

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