March 23, 2012

MY plan is not always THE plan

Hello my fellow earthlings... :) (don't ask, not a clue)

I apologize for not having written sooner! I have been so occupied...mentally. Well, that itself is a paradox. You'd think that if my mind was busy I would be writing more. Well, sometimes I just need to process before I put it out there. Anyway, I hope all of you that have had your spring break or are in the midst of it are having a wonderful time! My spring break has been pretty great! My cousin's wedding was absolutely lovely, and I love weddings so much! I had so much fun seeing everybody! Now, I'm back at home for the rest of the week. I head back to Texas on Saturday.

It's great being home, but it's a bittersweet mom is in the process of moving, so every single room in my house (with the exception of my room) looks different. They are filled with boxes and things are gone...which makes me love my room all the more. Everything is intact. But, it made me look around at all my things a little more and reminisce. I have this swimming collage on my ceiling that I made a couple of years ago because, one, I was bored, and two, it was something I loved. I was looking at that and all the pictures of Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard, Dara Torres, Aaron Piersol, Ryan Lochte, Natalie Coughlin etc... I also looked at the little felt flags that we received every year after high school season with one event and the time we were most proud of. I have two 100 fly's and two 100 back's. I looked at my poster that my friend Cate made me during state one year to help cheer me on. Everyone else on the team got one too, it was so sweet of her! I looked at my high school graduation photo...time sure has flown by. I'm almost done with my first year of college! I looked at my little medal from being an attendant on the prom court last year and laughed haha. I looked at my wolf pictures and paintings on the green wall. No, I did not paint any of them! I looked at one of my framed senior pictures...the swimming one in case anybody is curious. There are so many memories in my little's going to be hard to forget it.

It was my dad's birthday yesterday. He's old. Haha, not really, but still. Anyway, I had been wanting to avoid him this whole break because of past things (read previous blogs) but I figured I couldn't exactly ignore him on his birthday. So, I went and visited him. It just goes to show that things never go quite as you plan. We were able to be pleasant for about 10 minutes then he got into this whole monologue about "what I needed to know and understand from his point of view" (the only point of view apparently). More child support complaining, more of how he's doing everything right with my sister, more blah, blah, blah. I won't go into detail. I don't need to bore you guys every single blog post about my frustration with my dad. Although, I do warn you guys to read at your own risk :P. But my life is not bad at all. Anyway, we got into quite the little disagreement. It ended abruptly with me telling him outright to not talk/complain to me about child support; it wasn't right and it wasn't between him, mom, and me. It resorted back to being peaceful. Then I left. Some things don't go quite how you plan.

And here, I am burdened with sharing some disappointing news to my Colorado friends. Several blog posts ago I told you guys with a smile that I would be able to attend summer school in Colorado. Well, now, that may not be the case. The two classes I need to take are only offered at UNC. As much as I like Colorado, I have nowhere to actually stay up in Greeley for the whole summer. The whole summer. Greeley. You see my point. So, I may have to stay in Texas for most of the summer to complete my summer school. I love my Texas friends and Texas, don't get me wrong, it's my second home now, but you guys are all here back in Colorado. :( What am I going to do? I might just have to suck it up for the summer to get my nursing plan done in 4 years. You guys would want that for me, right? :) But I don't like it just as much as you don't. And I have family in Texas I could stay with. I don't know. I've been praying, and I've been super stressed about it... losing sleep kind of stressed. But, God has His plan, and I've got mine. And mine isn't worth a darn thing compared to His. So, I'll just have to wait and see. I'm sorry I had to share that news though :(.

I went and saw the Hunger Games with Madison last night!! Ohhh my gosh, it was so good! It was quite accurate although some little things they left out, but it was so good! I would go see it again in a heartbeat! It was pretty intense, but I suppose it's better that way. Anyway, I highly, highly recommend it...IF you have read the books. Read the books first people, they are always better than the movie! That is understandable though, I mean, you can't make a movie perfect. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon like the stupid Twilight thing... but I can't decide whether I'm a Peeta girl or a Gale girl. So many decisions haha. :P Okay, I'm done. Go see the movie! And if anyone needs someone to go with.... :)

Well, hey, to end on something positive, this week, I actually bought some cowboy boots! Yes, yes, I gave in! BUT they weren't the ridiculous $200 pair, they were quite a bit cheaper. I get to wear them on Saturday when I go see JOSH TURNER at Billy Bobs back in Texas :)))) sooo excited!! For those of you who are curious, I may be turning into a real texas girl - loves southern chivalry, loves country, owns cowboy boots, knows how to two-step country style, and already has those crazy curls. But, I will not, and I repeat, will not, be saying "y'all" anytime soon. I haven't yet, and I don't plan to! I prefer real english :P. I also won't be getting an accent anytime soon. You laugh and think I'm kidding, but I'm pretty stubborn! I still have that Colorado girl ingrained in me! I'm still one of those mountain babes at heart ;)

Thanks for reading.

"Jesus replied, "What is impossible with man is possible with God."
Luke 18:27

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  1. WHATEVER. Y'all IS real English; it's a contraction for "you all" and is the best word in the English language. :P


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