April 25, 2012

Peaceful Influence

Hello Everyone!

Well, this should be a shorter post than my other ones, but I just wanted to share a few things and say hello!

So, first, hello! :) I saw my mom and some more of my family over this past weekend. It's nice having my mom up here so I can see her more often! But if you read my last blog post, my mom brought something to my attention... I was telling you guys that I was struggling to love my dad. Struggling to love him is not the right phrase. She asked me, "If Madison called you right now and told you that dad died in a car accident, how would you react?" I almost started crying in the car and I was like, well obviously I would be very upset. And she said, "Okay, well there you go. You love him." That just got me thinking... I don't exactly know the right word now, though. I'm struggling to accept him? I'm struggling to understand him? I guess those are true, but I guess I'm just struggling with my hurt. When the divorce was actually in progress, I suppose I had my few moments, but I mostly just shoved down the emotions so I could concentrate on college, keep my grades up, and swim hard. Now, with everything happening, I almost think that those emotions are welling up now, the ones I've held back for so long. I think the correct phrase is that I'm struggling to heal...still.

Anyway, I'm so excited! I've got two formals coming up, mine and Phillip's! :) They are going to be super fun, and I'll be posting pictures, so look out for those!


And one last thing. I know I need to really remember that God has got everything in His hand. I get caught up with my petty worries and ridiculous wanderings and I find myself drawing away from what really matters. What's awesome in this life is that with God, all things are possible. There is nothing He cannot accomplish, and we are the ones He uses to do that! And, vice versa, we cannot do anything without God, at least, it has no meaning. I fail every single day, but I try to be the influence He would want me to be. The peace I feel through Him is something I have never felt otherwise. He eases my hurt when I need it the most. Okay, well those are all the ramblings I have for you guys tonight. I hope the rest of your week is awesome, and hang in there! We're almost done! :)

Thanks for reading.

"Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires."
-2 Peter 1:4


  1. Morgan,
    I feel so bad because you always post on fb when you have a new blog post, but every time I see that you have one, I was always in a hurry and never on a computer to read them and comment! I'm so glad I finally had the opportunity to sit down and read this.
    you are so HONEST And i love that about your posts. Thank you for sharing because I know forgiveness is a thing that I, also, need to shake from my life. Your blog is beautiful and I can't wait to read more posts.
    ~Morgan Ilg


  2. Morgan thank you so much!! :) That really does mean a lot and I'm glad others can relate to me. And thank you for taking the time to read it! Hope you're doing well! :)


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