June 25, 2012

Reading My Mind


Well, stating the obvious. You see the new look with my blog! I rather enjoy it. It's not too crazy different, but I felt like it could use some change. I think the black and white gives it a classic look, and I changed the purple color to a coral color. It is not pink. I do not do hot pink. Anyway, hope you like it! If it's too hard to read or something let me know! I'll be happy to change it back. :)

I hope you guys have had a good Monday! Mine has been alright, but what Monday is super fantastic when you're in school? However, I only have two weeks left with Anatomy and Physiology I!! :) And I haven't gotten anything less than an A on everything. Finally, the way the class is supposed to go. I just have to finish strong, and then onward to conquer Anatomy and Physiology II!!

Now for the excitement...The Olympic Trials have begun!!!! Of course, I'm interested in watching everything, but swimming most of all. I am just riveted to the TV when it comes to swimming. Swimmers don't get enough recognition outside of the Olympics. Anyway, there are a few girls from Colorado that I've known and swam with that are competing for a spot on the Olympic Team! You know who you are. It's incredible that I had the opportunity to swim with some of you! I wish the girls at Trials best of luck and I'll be rooting for you! :)

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Something has been weighing on my mind lately...I'm not exactly sure what it is. Do you have those days? Where you know something isn't quite right and you feel like you have to fix it somehow, but you don't know what in the world could be bothering you? I've been having a few days in succession like that. I keep attributing it to homesickness, but I've survived this long, I don't know if that's really it. Today I almost snapped at my mom a couple of times and just felt like being alone. I think it has been a mixture of things - things that only God can help take away.

I was also thinking about this today...my mind is continuously going. I'm an introvert, so instead of talking out loud about what I feel, I just think through it all on my own. I forget sometimes that God hears what I say out loud, hears what I think, and hears what my heart thinks as if I had said everything out loud. And He hears it every second of every day. That thought I smothered before a friend heard what I was thinking? God heard it. A brief judgmental thought that crossed my mind that I immediately dissipated? God heard it. The sarcastic comment I hid from my parents? God heard it. I'm guilty of all these things, and it's only one more show of my weakness away from God. You may struggle with this, you may not. But for those of you who do, fight it with me! I fail time and time again, and I'm no better than any of you, ever, but fighting it on a daily basis will eventually make it habit. I have resolved to improve on this. Thanks for reading.


"Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."
-Psalm 139:23-24

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  1. This is so good Morgan! I have felt that too...isn't it amazing though that God takes every thought into captivity? This spoke to my heart.
    .I love to see how you've grown through your blog posts. Keep it up girl

    <3 Morgan


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