October 21, 2012

One Night Out of the Year

Hey everybody!

Well, Halloween is just around the corner! I can't say that it's my favorite holiday. I don't do super well with horror movies, freaky costumes, and I've never been to a haunted house! I don't think I could handle it...It's a fun holiday, but not my favorite. Anyway, I have a couple fun Halloween stories for you, then something I think is important to always remember.

So, Madison and I were pretty little, my parents were walking with us as we were going trick-or-treating. I don't remember our costumes. Anyway, we walk in front of this huge house that is pretty dark except for a couple porch lights. Somebody or something was sitting on the porch bench, not moving. So, seems sketchy, right? Well, Madison and I go up anyway. We get like halfway or 3/4 of the way up the sidewalk and the thing on the bench suddenly just moves and gets off the bench. Madison and I, believing that the figure was not alive, just get the daylights scared out of us. Now that I look back on it, the only thing I think I can remember about the figure was that it looked like it was wearing a huge, black gorilla costume or something haha. But anyway, Madison and I were scared stiff and just went running back to our parents! Awww haha.

Ah, Halloween...as much as I do not like admitting this, I was a huge girly girl when I was little. I was a fan of the princess costumes, the bride costumes, and the pretty outfits. My love for Disney princesses has not faded, though haha. Anyway, I remember being a bride for like two or three years in a row, I loved that costume. And, Madison and I had awesome, legitimate princess costumes. The skirt of my navy blue dress was just one big poof with a sparkly, gold star for decoration. I LOVED it. I seriously felt like a princess in it. I had a complete outfit with my jelly shoes and my gold, sparkly tiara to go with it. Also, I was a flapper for a couple years...that was fun, although not my favorite costume. I also was a girly cat for a couple years...that has all stopped. Meanwhile, Madison was also a princess for a couple years with me, then she liked the witch costume haha. But I usually liked being the damsel in distress. Obviously, not anymore haha. Good times.

At a Halloween party with some friends a couple years ago, we decided to watch Paranormal Activity I. I hate horror movies, so I was a little skeptical about all of it. But, hey, I figured that I was in a group of people and I could just make fun of it the whole time and be fine, right? Wrong. I was pretty freaked out the entire movie. Afterwards, I laughed at myself and told myself it was fake. I was fine until I left that night. I was walking back to my car in the dark when the feeling in the pit of my stomach grew to a knot. I started walking a little faster and unlocked my car from where I was so I could see the lights. I got to my car and literally threw the door open and got inside and immediately locked it. My heart rate had increased. I took a deep breath and tried to just laugh at myself. It was just a movie, not real, and I was being ridiculous. Nevertheless, I checked the backseat and stuff before I started driving home. I blasted K-Love the entire way home. I got back home and went up in my room. The lights were on, but I just kind of stood there looking around my room for a little while. I tried to go to sleep that night, but I was having difficulties sleeping. I even had Lulu (my dog) with me so she could maybe bring me some comfort. It wasn't working. Every little sound I heard, I turned towards, half expecting to see some sort of evil thing. I even prayed once or twice so I could have some peace and just know that really, nothing was going to happen. Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep that night. The next two nights, I still felt the after-effects of watching that movie. It wasn't necessarily that the movie was scary, it was the idea behind the movie....

Now, this brings me to what I really want to talk to you guys about. First of all, just a quick note, girls, be careful with costumes. Just because it's Halloween and it's one night out of the year does not mean you get to be immodest and suggestive with your costumes. Anyway, I heard this in a sermon a while back, and I definitely think it's important. Halloween is a fun holiday with candy, cute costumes, and parties. We commercialize the holiday, you know? It's not quite as serious with the scary costumes and the evil associated with the holiday. When I watched Paranormal Activity, it was just a stupid horror movie. But, I believe in the devil and I believe that he is quite powerful. He doesn't have more power than God lets him have, but that power is not to be reckoned with. Demons exist in the Bible. Yes, they flee from God, but they exist and look to cause trouble where you are at your weakest. Halloween is a holiday that makes evil playful. It's not. Yeah, the Paranormal Activity movies may just be for entertainment and may be somewhat exaggerated, sure, but the idea behind it is not fake. It's very real. I'm not saying don't have fun on Halloween haha, it's completely fine to dress up and have fun, I'm just saying be careful with stuff. I know people who have played with ouija boards and stuff like that just for fun, or deliberately tried to invoke things like that...I, personally, don't think that is smart. To each his own, but I just want to try and bring awareness that Halloween is a holiday that is associated with evil, and the evil in this world, supernatural or not, is really not something to be messed with. Don't make evil playful. It was never meant to be playful. Thanks for reading!

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
-Ephesians 6:12

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